When Getting A Travel Visa Online Is A Must

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A visa is a symbol that someone is legally allowed to enter a certain country and is issued by that country’s official Immigration Service. This isn’t something every country requires, but it’s vital to have for those countries that do require it, no matter how long or short your intended vacation.

Obtaining a travel visa online or personally isn’t a very difficult process for most travelers, and luckily can be achieved quickly by following the tips outlined here.

First things first, it’s essential to know if the country you plan to go to even requires you apply for a travel visa. As an example, all but two countries in Europe require getting a travel visa online or by mail, while pretty much every African and Asian state requires you have a visa to go there. Russia and Turkey also require visas, as does Cuba, but that’s the only nation in North America that does. Panama and the Dominican Republic, on the contrary, don’t issue visas to American people but do require you obtain a tourist card. Papua New Guinea is the only of the Oceanic countries to require getting a travel visa online or by air mail. Meanwhile, Australia, doesn’t require an actual visa, but instead have tourists enroll for what’s called an Electronic Travel Authority. New Zealand lets foreign tourists apply for a visa waiver.

While, on the South America continent, only Suriname, Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia require getting a travel visa online or by mail. Chile will issue a visa automatically upon presenting of a valid US passport. Venezuela issues what are called ‘tourist cards”. In the Middle East, just about every nation requires a visa for tourists as wellAll Middle Eastern countries require a visa. Additionally, Saudi Arabia only allows government sanctioned tour groups to enter its nation on a visa, so if you aspire to visit that nation, you’ll need to do a little more planning than simply buying a plane ticket.

Of course, a visa is also required for any foreigners wishing to visit the United States. Luckily, the process is relatively clear and straightforward. Of course, with the heightened security surrounding the United States’ borders, having a visa will not automatically gain a tourist entry into the country. Government agencies including the US Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection can revoke a person’s visa at any time they deem necessary. If you want to apply, it’s best to visit the American Embassy or Consulate in your home country and begin the interview and application process.

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