VocoPro VHF-3300 Wireless Handheld Microphone: Provide You the Clearest Sound

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Music seems to be a part of lifestyle as people basically want entertainment and art. Singing is an entertaining activity as well as listening to music. This activity could be more interesting if we do it with our family or beloved ones. It seems to be incomplete to own home theatre in entertainment area with no karaoke system, especially wireless handheld microphone. The wireless feature was created to ease your move so that you can express your feeling while singing.

To make very good sound, the microphone ought to come with highest quality. You now should be wondering about which comes with the best quality so that you can enjoy singing as well as gives you relaxation. Here you can take into account the VocoPro VHF-3300 due to the great sound it makes. You may check the following info to explore the features and performance of the microphone.
The VocoPro’s VHF-3300 dual-channel wireless system is a good alternative for home karaoke, smaller performances, presentation, and more. The VocoPro VHF-3300 wireless handheld microphone offers you solid sound and a clear signal. In addition, it provides you wireless freedom so that you can dance while singing without getting worried with cables. The operation ranges up to 150 feet with VHF quartz-lock for drift-free use.

Speaking about the features, it is equipped with dual antenna receiver/microphone charger. This feature is applied to secure the microphones should they be not in use. To achieve the very best sound, this product is completed with squelch circuitry to reduce background noise interference and RF noise bursts. Using this feature you may enjoy singing songs since you can clearly hear your own voice. You will discover solely your voice and the music played in your entertainment area with no unwanted distractions.

Additionally , it is built with two independent channels with independent volume settings to help you adapt the volume while you are singing for a duet. This feature is likewise great for precise vocal balancing. The following feature, the individual 1/4-inch outputs for use with a receiver or mixer helps you control the quality of your vocal mix.

The VocoPro VHF-3300 is designed for simplicity and effectiveness. This one can help you save money by reducing those expensive battery purchases. If you want to charge the battery, you can simply set each mic in the charging port on top of the receiver while not in use and prepare the handheld mics for their next use. You will be happy to know this one is the first microphone designed with built-in rechargeable system on its own receiver stand.

As you understand the features of the VocoPro VHF-3300, you may be willing to order this wireless handheld system to complete your home theatre system with karaoke tools. Then you can enjoy entertainment in your home with the family without spending gas by driving your car to a karaoke studio. Express yourself by singing songs which represent your emotion.

If you require another option of wireless handheld microphone to support your entertainment system, you can examine our post about Sennheiser wireless microphones. We hope it can help you find what you require.

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