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The Game Spoke out Amazing and Dre’s Contribution on ‘Red Nation’

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Dr. Dre’s friendship with The Game may possess some contest as now there is a new ‘Dre’ in town, with whom the Los Angeles-born MC is obtaining buddies with. Effectively actually it’s the production duo of Excellent and Dre, who we’re talking concerning. The Miami-based producers are the creative drive powering ‘Red Nation’-the first single […]

MCR’s Song with Charity Version for Japan

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MCR has announced that they are working on a new Version of its song ‘Sing’, a Charity Version for Japan – the income generated from whom will be given to the earthquake relief charity fund being run by Red Cross in Japan . But they don’t wanna be alone in contributing all the charity action. […]

TV Fox Network Glee Repeated Recognition Winner

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The TV show Glee returns to Fox network for a follow up season beginning September 2010. The show won many various awards after the first season and had many guest appearances by various stars who played parts in the shows central themes. The show takes its name from glee clubs, as the show is a […]