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Sun creams are much more than just SPF numbers as many of us know! Basically a suncream should suspend the effects of harmful UV rays which unlovingly tan you’re skin, but sun lotion manufactures have forgotten what the products are mean’t to do and have started to produce creams which do all ranges of things including doubling up as perfume!!

Ok guys knock down to the nitty gritty I insist you purchase a cream of at least SPF 15 any less won’t even block out moonshine, I know getting a tan could prove more difficult this way but would you really want to execute the chance of getting cancer which almost doubles if you’re not wearing ointment, not to bring up the deep wrinkles you’ll incur from sauteing you’re skin which aren’t easily removed ask Mara Levy.


Delph Kids sun lotions and sprays

most years we head off on Antigua holidays and have always used this product on our kids it’s just fantastic! Its SPF30 so we know it’s going to do it’s job and do it well! the bottle squirts a smartly coloured green lotions so we know exactly were you’ve applied it just to make sure you don’t miss any inch on you’re child’s body!. P.S it smells nice and it rather cheap which is always bonus! (6.79/200ml)

Slimming lotions and oils:

it’s abit tit for tat if you feel these products work, iv’e never used them personally but many of my friends swear by a product which iv’e based my review on…. The award goes to… Pout Firming Shimmer sunscreen reasonably strong at SP 20.

Evidently this quite substantial cream contains marine algae (I guess that’s sea weed) which supposedly composes the skin to look Healthier and Shimmer the reflective rays off your body making you appear slimmer than you actually are, I can merely see myself wearing it on Cuba holidays And tourists yelling “I Cannot see! The Sun’s glaring off of that whale and is Burning my eyes” which makes this a great buy at £18/125ml.

Beauty Products and Ointments:

My favourite category to say the least! How me and my sisters used to be utterly embarrassed to lay by the Pool on the first day of our Mexico Holidays Looking as white as Ghosts! Now there’s Sun tan lotion to prevent our sun deprived skin from frazzling up but it’s entwisted with a temporary tan! It was a teenage fantasy come true over night through the median of sun lotion…oh the genius of modern day cosmetics.

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