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If you’re interested to make either extra money or a full time income as an article writer, then this article is just for you. Or maybe you’re already writing articles, but perhaps you’re struggling and not getting anywhere fast? This article is for all article writers and future writers because you’re going to learn 3 outstanding strategies to breathe some life into your online writing efforts. 

Badly written articles do not get read and are a waste, and that is why we’re first going to talk about good writing skills. The first place you can start is by making sure there are, ideally, no grammar or spelling mistakes. If you submit your articles to the best directories, your article could get rejected in the review process. No one will even be interested to use your article if it reads poorly due to bad grammar or spelling. Failing to proof read your articles is a sign of laziness, and people will think things like that about you. Your articles really do constitute an investment of your time, and you’ll only be damaging your investment over time. Everything just gets better when you take the time to make your articles the best they can be. 

Next, you need to consider the exact phrases that people who may be interested in your content are searching for; this is very important because content is found online with keyword searches by users who are looking for information of interest to them; so you have to find words that are directly related your topic that your potential readers are searching for; once you discover them you will have to include one in the title and put them in your article a few times in a way that makes sense; when web users do a search your article will appear somewhere in the results. Don’t put to many keywords in your article or it will harm your ranking. The only way for your articles to get found is by using relevant keywords; keywords to use are very easy to find by using free resources such as Google’s Keyword Tool. Article marketing is very simple and straightforward especially when you’re following an effective system. 

Always have self-imposed completion deadlines for all of your article writing business affairs, and you’ll see your output become better and more consistent. Never fall short of your own expectations, and develop the habit of being your own source of motivation. If you do this, in no time at all you’ll have created a new and stronger work ethic and habit. You really can develop a much greater sense of discipline, and when you have done that you’ll see that it really wasn’t hard at all. This will help you improve your article writing skill with each passing day, which is exactly what we want. 

Remember, article writing is labor intensive but if you do it right then your efforts will pay off. Your goal for every article you write is to get your readers to take a particular course of action. The entire process is simple and well worth the time it takes to learn.

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