Official – Paypal now available to Nigerians – No Hack, No IP modification, No cookies cleanup, etc, free guide

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Hurray! Paypal now available to Nigerians

Now, Nigerians can buy, sell, share and gift using paypal.

In a surprise development around middle of June 2014, what has for a long time eluded Nigerians, the number one paying medium in the world, Paypal rescinded its blackout on Nigeria. This is a much welcomed development, very needed as it would enable Nigerians opportunity to shop on virtually most of the international selling websites especially, and many more.

A new era for e-commerce in Nigeria.

Yes, buying and selling online from Nigeria now wear a new look as middlemen extorting and training unconventional ways of opening and operating a paypal account from Nigeria can be cut off.

Unfortunately, for fear of totally running out of business, some of these middlemen have started creating unfounded misinformation that paypal did not place on Nigerians.


  1. The fund does not reside in your paypal account
  2. But is taking directly from your debit card (Mastercard and Visa card only) whenever you want to make a purchase
  3. Thus, you need to have a Mastercard or Visa card issued by a Nigerian bank
  4. Most Nigerian banks now offer either or both of these international cards
  5. But my number one choice is GTBank (Guarantee Trust Bank) because once you apply for ATM, you get at least one of these cards. With GTbank, your standard ATM naira card is Mastercard Naira. Whereas with First bank and many others, customers have options of their local card, verve, etc, or international card
  6. For ease of usage, you may have to profile your account for online access, you do not need a token however to operate the account with paypal except you plan to use full online facilities
  7. You can still connect your account with paypal without online profiling of your bank account, just that it may be time consuming or cumbersome (ask for details)
  8. You need to have a minimum balance of $1.95 (One dollar ninety five cent or its equivalent, say N500; five hundred naira) in your account
  9. Once you have secured a Mastercard or Visa card, the minimum balance and created a bank account online access, goto
  10. Click “signup” then “Open an account” under Individual or Business as prefer
  11. If you have used the card or email address to create an account before, you MUST close (i.e. delete) the account because you cannot use a card on more than ONE account
  12. The following instructions applies to a first applicant with new card (other applicant should check this website CLIK2WORLD for explanation on closing a paypal account
  13. Fill the form and enter your card details
  14. Card number is in the front, so also is the expiry date
  15. Security code CSC is behind the card, 3 digits
  16. Agree to terms and create your account
  17. In Account Overview, note your account status: Limited, right?


  1. Goto your email box and verify your email by clicking on the link sent to you
  2. Also verify your debit card – in your account overview, look to right hand side of your screen
  3. Click verify card and follow through
  4. An equivalent of $1.95 would be deducted from your bank account (do not be afraid because it would be returned after verification)
  5. Login to your online bank account to view your transaction
  6. Locate payment with Paypal in the entry and copy the 4 numbers  PIN
  7. Go back to your Paypal account and click the verify card link again
  8. Enter the 4-digits PIN and verify
  9. You would be returned to Account Overview, note your status now. It should have changed to Verified

Welcome to paypal and enjoy with caution, look out for links you click (must contain in your browser) BEFORE you enter your login and password.

For solutions to other usages of paypal like Upgrading, Using paypal for Business, etc in Nigeria, stay subscribed to CLIK2WORLD.

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