New Lagos State Traffic Management Law 2012

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1.–(1) Without prejudice to the provisions of Section 11 of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority Law, the Authority’S control and management of vehicular traffic in the State, shall include the;
Control of Traffics.
(a) Prohibition or restriction of the use of any specified highway by vehicles of specified class or description;
(b) Prohibition of driving or propelling of vehicles on any specified highway otherwise than in a specified direction;
(c) Prohibition of vehicles parking or waiting on any specified highway;
(d) Prohibition or restriction of the use of sirens, and the sounding of horns or other similar appliances either in general or during specified hours or in respect of specified areas;
(e) Regulation of the conduct of persons driving, propelling, being in charge of or riding any vehicle or animal on a highway;
(/) Application of breath testing, blood and urine specimen testing devices on any driver to detect whether he is driving under the influence of alcohol, or drugs;
(g) Demand of a psychiatric eval uation of any person who dri ves against the normal flow of traffic or who fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Law, if in the opinion of any officer of the Authority such an evaluation is necessary for the purpose of determining the person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle provided that such shall be at the driver’s cost; and
(h) General regulation of traffic on public highways.


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