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Online education is becoming more popular in developed world but here, due to our peculiarity, its acceptance is rather slow.
Knowing its strength, advantages and impact it holds for the nation, we have put together a special solution to go around said peculiarity. This solution is called, International Study Centers in Nigeria (ISC).
A post secondary qualification from an international institution especially one of the top-rated colleges and universities is a strong asset on a job-seeker’s vitae.
But acquiring this comes with lots of challenges, most herculean being visa processing.
However, most of these world-class institutions offer many of the sort-after courses by remote means, online.
Unfortunately, a place like Nigeria has some mindsets when a young student studies from home, in addition to NO fulfillment to the students themselves.
This is where International Study Center comes in.
A place offering accommodation, online facility and support for students (young and working adults) to take online courses with world-class international colleges and universities, from all over the world: UK, Australia, USA and beyond.



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