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Gods, I am having advertising, Ghd Hou, about 2 years to see the Shang Qian published TV sponsored a program (I think this is SATC-I’m a big fan, he said, a phrase, or he can have is lounge) anyway, I wanted to if the user of the salon, they are good, I looked and the investments of casalusaram only have 65 user in Tony hood student discount.

  • They haven’t been around long, but I’m sure if all the best beauty salon, should continue for a long time, because they get much use, so I think there is more investment, not mind shelling out all the money. But when I told my friends, they all tell me, Ghd is easy to inflate, but of course, I thought they were great, brushed aside the comments.
  • They have everything what I expected more. I continued until I wash my hair and if I wash my hair, leaving it, that’s right, than under normal circumstances, a straight line. I wanted to just get straight hair is a very difficult problem, you just need to put about 2 10-20 minutes. I recommend that you use a good serum, thermal spray, hair straightening cream gloss spray Hairspray if you want the best result possible.

GHD in the world of my eyes were opened I kept moaning, my hair is curly, wavy, never straightned it no matter what I use. I tried several straightners before hand, but everything seems to be going to leave the apartment, still curled! This was before my mother bought my Ghd.

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