Finding The Right Hotel in Cairo, Egypt

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Cairo, Egypt Travel Guide • Explore the Capital of Egypt Online

If you are looking for hotels in Cairo then the first thing you must decide is where in Cairo you want to stay. Cairo is Egypt’s largest city, and in fact one of the largest cities in the world. Combined, Cairo holds over 17 million people and even more than that considering the number of tourists.

Cairo Hotels vary greatly in price and location. There are low-rent budget hotels downtown to five star hotels along the Nile River.

Four Districts to Choose from

There are four districts in Cairo to choose from. First, there is the downtown area, which will feature the most modern and affordable of amenities. Downtown Cairo consists of the area of Midan Talaat Harb all the way to Midan Ataba. Midan Tahrir is the center of the modern city and has many big hotels as well as exciting features like the Egyptian Museum. The Midan Ramses is Cairo’s main railway station and has many retail outlets, while Garden City is known as a garden suburb. There is also Historic Cairo, including Islamic Cairo and Old Cairo, just east and south of the downtown area.

Finally, you have to consider the suburbs of Cairo, such as the upscale Dokki and Mohandiseen, the suburbanized areas of Gezira and Zamalek, the tourist-friendly Giza, the conveniently located Heliopolis and Nasr City, and Ma’adi, which is a suburb consisting of many expatriates.

Popular Downtown Cairo, Egypt hotels

What are some of the most popular hotels in Cairo, Egypt in the downtown area? For budget hotels, you can try the Dahab Hotel, the Garden City Hotel as well as the King Tut Hostel and the Luna Hotel. Keep in mind that many budget downtown hotels are not of the highest calibre, just cheap buys.

The Luna Hotel is said to be one of the best options for budget hotels if not the best. The Berlin Hotel and Grand Hotel are of better quality and somewhat more expensive, though they are hardly the “palace” type hotels you are hoping for.

The Best Hotels in Cairo, Egypt

The best Cairo hotels are in Midan Tahrir and include the Nile Hilton and Semiramis InterContinental Hotel. Midan Ramses has the Ramses Hilton and Windsor Hotel, which are just about average, while Garden City boasts American-style sumptuosity at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza and Grand Hyatt Cairo. Islamic Cairo’s Hotel El Hussein offers a fresh but basic hotel stay.

I know what you’re thinking – you want Egyptian style hotel luxury. Try the Mena House Oberoi Hotel on Pyramids Road in Giza. This is the palace you’ve been waiting for and has the rich history to back up its ambitious look – this is the same hotel that Eugenie and Prince Albert once graced with their presence!

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