Ellen DeGeneres Corners Selena Gomez for Calling Justin Bieber her Brother

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Neither Selena Gomez nor Justin Bieber opens up when they are asked about their relationship. Usual answers are not clear and evasive, but they do show up in the media together and show action like lovers do. A lot of time has passed without any real confirmation from the two stars themselves, and when Selena visited the set of The Ellen DeGeneres show earlier today, the host had one thing in her brain , and that was to make the young star to explain the what is her relationship with Bieber. On her previous appearance on the talk show, Gomez had said that Bieber was like a ‘little brother’ to her, much to the disappointment of those who wanted to see the two together.

But on Gomez’s latest visit, Ellen was fully determined to unveil what actually is going between the two teenagers, and for that reason she played the old video clip in which Gomez referred to the young age of his now-boyfriend, and said that she considers him as a young sibling.

After being forced to watch that clipping, a visibly uncomfortable Gomez  became nervous and commented, “Don’t take me to jail! It’s a great thing to say, huh? I don’t know what to say.”

DeGeneres then covered the young singer and said that although it is weird, but is considerable since they were trying to hide their relationship from all the media talk, which has been responsible for the complications of many personalities relationships over the years. However, now that the duo have made their growing love-affair public, DeGeneres lightly pinned Gomez for deceiving everyone with those ‘little brother’ comments, and then subsequently going to the post-Academy Awards party organised by Vanity Fair.

When told that she made a fool out of everybody back then, Gomez voiced that it wasn’t her intention, and she again tried to avoid the topic by saying that Bieber is just a sweet guy, something with which DeGeneres agreed. She again tried to get the confirmation out of Selena’s mouth by asking her that as much sweet as he is, Bieber is not like a brother to him anymore, to which she finally cracked and admitted that it would be weird to date a little sibling.

After finally getting the truth out, the host then presented Selena with a pillow, printed with Bieber’s face on it, that would remind her of her love-interest, who is currently away on a European tour. Gomez then revealed the authoritative side of Bieber by revealing that he would make her sleep on that pillow every night now.

Gomez’s ‘little brother’ comments on the Ellen DeGeneres show weren’t the only instances when she shared views of these kind about the Canadian. In her interview with MTV News in early 2010, Gomez had said that she feels like an older sister of Justin, and wants to protect him all the time. Well! This proves that celebrity relationships can turn from ‘little brother’ to ‘little love affairs,’ all within a year.

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