Egypt Tour Packages – What Areas of Egypt You Must Explore

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Egypt tour packages include all the major sites Egypt has to offer. What you will find in this tours are sites that played an important part in Egypt’s history and to the Egyptians as well. From these locations you will be able to tell what the people culture were then, and what the people put importance in.

Once you set foot in Egypt, the first thing that you will notice while on the Egypt tours is the number of attractions surrounding the place. With this, is really is challenge to pick which site to visit, for the whole Egypt is a source of fascination in itself.

Don’t worry! Looking at the choices at hand, every place seems to be a perfect option to visit. It’s like getting the crème de la creme. Reading these tips will minimize the tension you might be having about choosing the best destination, and is the way toward acquiring the best trip possible.

The Pyramid of Giza

As part of the Seven Wonders of the World, awe and fascination is what this place will bring you. Discover the different pyramids put up for the different Egyptian Pharaohs. The best thing to note when visiting this place is that humans are the ones who created it, which makes the construction of this building a great achievement for the ancient Egyptians. This trip is also included in the Cairo tour packages.

The Abu Simbel

Ramesses II is one who ordered to have this great temple created. It is said that two temples were asked to be put up. It is dedicated to him and his wife whom he loved so much. Most tourists visit this location to see this great feat of history.

The Queen Hatshepsut Temple

Women who admire powerful women surely know who Hatshepsut is. As one of the significant pharaohs to put a mark in the Egyptian history, it is just right to have this place as part of the Egyptian tour packages. Compared to others, her reign is the most prosperous. It is also considered one of the longest in Egyptian history. Her greatness as a leader was highlighted during the beginning of her reign, when Egypt was plagued with wars. The situation slowly became stable: providing the ancient Egyptians a time of peace.

The Citadel of Qaitbey

Enthusiasts of Egyptian history know how this fortress was used during its time. It served as a defense mechanism for Egyptians during that time.

The Djoser Step-Pyramid

As part of the oldest pyramids found in Egypt, many tourists find interest in this attraction. Imhotep is the one who designed this great piece and it reflects the greatness of Egyptian architecture. This is the earliest type of pyramid created in Egypt. This is the burial place for Pharaoh Djoser. The materials mostly used for its construct are stones which were combined with mud-brick, reeds, and wood.

Taking Egypt tour packages will give allow you to experience the jewels of Egypt. The locations mentioned are not limited to that, there are numerous sites offered by Egypt. Explore the ones that best interests you. 

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