Digital piano – a fantastic gift

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Digital pianos and keyboards are amazingly versatile.They allow you to create multiple layers of instrumental and vocal sound, as well as teaching yourself to play the piano.The possibilities are endless and digital pianos and keyboards are preferred by many professional musicians.You can be sure that most people, even complete beginners, can find entertainment in them, which is why they make perfect gifts.

The range of models available is truly mind-boggling.From mini keyboards for beginners to professional level instruments and full sized organs which can fill a hall with music.The sound output of keyboards has been improved tremendously by manufacturers such as Yamaha, Roland, Hammond and Casio.All musicians, irrespective of rock, punk, or classical use these digital pianos, thus making them a serious commodity in the music market.

It is a dream for a large number of kids to become the keyboard player in a band. The first step on their road to success is to buy them their first keyboard.We have come a very long way since the 1980s when bands like Kraftwerk were experimenting with electronic music and the first Casio portable keyboards with their tinny sound were launched.Today,  modern day keyboards are well equipped with vocal harmonisers, sampling functions, multi-track recording, and are capable to imitate any instrument as well as different voices.

The Hammond organ is a close ancestor of keyboards and digital pianos and still has a loyal following.The Hammond organ was invented in 1934 as an electric version of the church organ.Church organs are gigantic in shape, pumped by bellows and generate sound by pushing air through pipes.Church organ have proved to be expensive over the years, and as a result, the Hammond organ was introduced as an affordable alternative.Jazz, blues and rock musicians adopted the unique sound of Hammond organ in the 60’s and 70’s.Other manufacturers, such as Roland, have since matched the quality of this instrument, but Hammond is still acknowledged as the classic.Till date, Hammond organs are installed in churches and bought for home entertainment, thus retaining their popularity.

Smaller, more portable keyboards however, make more affordable gifts.Prices for good quality instruments from a brand such as Casio or Yamaha, start at around £72.Accessories such as a stand and headphones are usually included, so the budding keyboard player can get plugged in, look the part, and start playing music immediately!On the other hand, you could get in more stylish models with large speakers and multiple functionalities if you are willing to spend more.As an alternative, there are beautiful models available in the market as far as digital pianos are concerned, which are more appealing.Dazzling pianos and models from manufacturers like Korg, Roland, Yamaha and Casio sound like the real one and prices start at about £360.

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