Caribbean All Inclusive or The Far East Full Board

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The Caribbean and The Far East are rival Regions of the world both competing for the title of “the Best Holiday Region”

Both of the Regions offer luxury hotels and resorts, tropical and warm climates, Sun shine all year round and Beautiful beaches and waters.

The Caribbean is world famous for its “Ultra All inclusive Holidays ” In which guests may take advantage of the Large amount of well prepared cuisine and Expansive range of Water and land Activities and sports from deep sea scuba diving, to golf, The most popular out of the Caribbean destinations is Antigua .Antigua holidays are extremely popular with the English and Irish because there is so many beaches. (365 one for every day of the year)


  • Resorts offer more Activities
  • The Choice of good is much better
  • Prices are at a cheaper rate
  • Sunny all year round
  • near America so its great for Multi Center Holidays
  • all food and alcohol is included in the holiday package.


  • Flights from UK and Ireland can be extremely time consuming
  • outside of the resort the Caribbean doesn’t offer many activities
  • many other guests also at the resort
  • The Hurricane Season ruins many holidays
  • The food quality is to a good standard but its not Michelin star
  • The far east Resorts are famous for there amazing holiday experiences and unbeatable Service and luxurious accommodation.


  • The long haul flights aren’t as long from UK and Ireland
  • A personal butler will be at your beck and call
  • Asian Culture
  • Secluded luxury lodges and villas all beautifully furnished and offer breath taking views
  • Michelin star ranked chiefs are at many of the resorts
  • Many Activities to get stuck into outside of the resort (Especially on Thailand Holidays)


  • Living expenses e.g. food and drink comes at an extra cost which can be quite expensive when paying for good quality food.
  • Drinking too much is frown upon.
  • Prices can be very expensive compared to many other honeymoon destinations.
  • Transfers from the Air Port to Resort can be quite time consuming.
  • Both of the Regions and have their own pro’s and con’s which when you weigh up don’t even out.

If you’re after a good quality beach holiday on a budget with many fun and exciting activities included the Caribbean is the Region for you, if on the other hand you’re after a quite romantic getaway no expense spared then a Far East holiday will be right up your street!

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