Breakfast at Tiffanys Film Review

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Living in Manhattan is Holly Golightly, who is a socialite. She loves spending her evenings and nights out getting what she can from men, but she never lets them back to her apartment which has lead to some uncomfortable scrapes for her. Things change for Holly when Paul Varjack moves into the apartment above Holly The two become friends and Holly tells him about her life and how she earns money from her men friends when they pay her $50 to visit the powder room and how she earns $100 per week by visiting a gangster in Sing Sing prison each week and giving him the weather reports.

Holly daydreams each morning by looking in Tiffany at all the things she wants but never has the money to buy. Soon though Paul and Holly are very close and they decide to spend the day together and get even closer. Holly is soon in for a shock though when someone from her past turns up and threatens to ruin the life she has now got for herself. Will Paul be able to help Holly and what will become of their friendship?

I must firstly confess that I had never seen this film before which was a shock for hubby and he insisted I sat and watched it when it came on the TV, I did not know what to expect from the film as t is very old now but I have to say I really did enjoy it. I thought the story was quite a risky one for the year this film was released because of the line of work Holly was in and how she acted and treated men but somehow it just seemed to work. I think that the way it was put across and the fact we never saw anything which showed sex or violence is what made this film so much more fun and light hearted to watch.

I think Audrey Hepburn was wonderful in the role of Holly and as this is only one of a few films I have seen her in I would say this is the best role I have seen from her. She managed to make Holly easy to warm to despite how she lived and Tiffany and Co from what we got to know about her past and life before coming to the city I could understand why she wanted so much more from her life and why she acted how she did. I think there was a lovely friend ship and chemistry between her and George Peppard who played Paul and they seemed so relaxed and comfortable with each other. George also played a very good role and I have to say this is the first time I have seen him in something other than the A Team. He was surprisingly a good actor and made his character believable and slightly naive at the start of the film.

We did get a lot of supporting actors in the film but for me the stand out one had to be that of Mickey Rooney who played Mr Yunioshi the poor suffering man who lived upstairs and also got bothered by Holly when she forgot her keys for the building. He was very comical in his appearance and a very clumsy man and this did bring some humour to the film. Other actors included Patricia Neal, Stanley Adams and Buddy Ebsom and they too were all good and brought a good mix of characters to the film.

The film was made back in 1961 and this is very apparent right from the opening of the film. It all looked very dated but somehow I was able to see over this and take the film for what it was. I did enjoy seeing the old way of the city and how basic it was due to the lack of technology and for me this was quite interesting. There were no real special effects in the film as it was not an action film so none were required. I did however notice a bit of a badly added backdrop when Holly and George were out for their day together but as the film is very old I saw past this.

About half way through the film, I did get fed up with the soundtrack as the only real song we got to hear was Moon River and this was played several times, not always fully or with the words, but the tune was used over and over again. I just felt that different songs could have been used instead of overplaying this one.

As this is a film only review, there are no bonus features to speak of. The running time of the film is 115 minutes and I found this was a good length with the storyline moving at a good Tiffany Jewlery pace throughout. It has a PG certificate and I do agree with this. The film can be bought on DVD for just a few pounds on Amazon.

I am going to give this film 4 stars despite it being an old one as it has a good storyline and great acting and it would make a perfect Sunday afternoon light hearted watch. Tiffany and Co Outlet I do recommend that those who have still not seen this film should make the effort to see it at least once.

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