A Review of the Yamaha YDP-181 Arius Home Digital Piano

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Perhaps the best option when it comes to a digital piano that is perfect for both a student and a professional is the Yamaha YDP-181 Arius Home Digital Piano. The YDP-181 provides a true piano sound and feel, and has easily become a favorite among all other digital pianos in the market. With its Graded Hammer keyboard, the YDP-181 is a very enjoyable piece to play with, both in practice and performance. On top of that, its 3-level AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling voices produces authentic sound quite remarkably.


The YDP-181 does not only provide a playing pleasure, but offers recording convenience as well. It uses a USB port for storing recorded songs done by any other instrument. It has a damper pedal that features half-damper effect, providing a shaded yet expressive control over any sustained note. The YDP-181 also has a Dual Voice capability, which means that you can play two different instrument sounds at once. . Its 2-track song recorder also allows you to record your performance, live and during practice.

Actually, the Yamaha YDP-181 is the replacement for the Yamaha YDP-223. That is why some people are apprehensive about its capability having some large shoes to fill. But despite that, seeing from its specifications, I am confident that it can pull things off. I say so because it is packed with amazing features unlike other regular digital pianos dynamic stereo sampling, 128-tone polyphony, 2-track song sequencer, and so on.

The Graded Hammer (GH) keyboard of the YDP-181 has an extra key sensor that lets you produce fast, repetitive playing of a single note with perfect articulation. And on top of having accurate key responses like any acoustic piano, its matte finish on its black keys makes it more beautiful.

Unlike most digital pianos, the YDP-181 does not skip any note during legato passages in order to make room for newer notes, instead it accommodates more than one note all at the same time. Thanks to its 128-note polyphony, you can hold 128 notes in one blow.

But if ever you get bored with playing your piece over and over again, you can relax with the YDP-181 wide range of piano songs. . It has 50 piano pieces carefully chosen for its beauty and functionality. And since most of the songs are piano classics, it will surely fancy your musical ears.

The Yamaha YDP-181 is a simple yet a very powerful instrument perfect for both the student and the experienced player, and with all its features, no other digital piano can do better. And what better way to put such powerful instrument to test, try the Yamaha YDP-181 Digital Piano now.

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